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As a professional photographer, I can meet all of your headshot needs. Get rid of that old headshot with the terrible background or get your first headshot for the company website, LinkedIn, a job search, or any other need that you have!  I offer flexible and customizable service and can photograph just one headshot or produce consistent, repeatable shots for your entire office.

It takes just a 10th of second to form an impression of a person based on their image. Your headshot is their first impression that many will see of you. Make it your best. 

Today's headshots are modern, clean, and straightforward. It is time to show your personality. Your image should show your true spirit. Not simply someone posing for the camera.

For over 10 years, I have been shooting headshots for business executives, realtors, actors, dancers, authors, musicians, physicians, as well as individuals for their LinkedIn and social networking. I can shoot in the studio, your office, home, or on location -- whatever best suits your needs.

Give me a call,(781) 690-2565 or via the Contact Page, let's talk about what you'd like.
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