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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Are you insured?
A: Yes, I carry $1M liability coverage.

Q: Do you bring back up equipment?
A: I bring back up equipment to the backup equipment. I also create a full set of backup images right as I am shooting.  

Q: Do you use digital or film?
A: I shoot digitally for one very simple reason. My ability to make you look your best is much greater digitally than with film. 

Q: What should I wear for my headshot photos?
A: Solid, neutral colors tend to photograph well. Grey, navy, cream, white, tan and black are great color options. Choosing clothing that make you feel and look good will result in the best photos. I suggest trying to avoid large logos or busy patterns. If you're feeling overwhelmed, I'll be glad to send you some photo examples of clothing ideas

Q: What does retouching involve?
A: Adjusting the lighting, overall color balance, removing blemishes, teeth whitening, and light skin smoothing. You'll still look like you, just the best version!.