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Vehicle Photography
I've been a gearhead since age 12.  Bought my first car (a '56 Ford) at age 14 and pushed it home with the help of a few friends (I paid $1 and it didn't run).   I've been hooked ever since!

Every vehicle is unique. The features and details are what make each and every one special. It is my job to capture those features and tell the story of that vehicle.  To show why it is so special.

My passion for photography when combined with my love for anything with an engine drives my creativity to another level.  Photographing vehicles presents a unique set of challenges. There is a tremendous range of light that most cameras and print media can't quite capture and reproduce, the flowing lines, subtle colors, intricate details, and then there are the reflections that have to be just perfect.  I love it! 

If you'd like some absolutely amazing photos of your ride then we should talk.  Give me a call, (781) 690-2565 or via the Contact Page, let's talk about what you'd like.
Not just Cars, Trucks, and Motorcycles
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